New Year new projects

It was a busy Christmas and start to the New Year, so I'm glad things are starting to full back into routine. I've been looking at new projects for this this year to get me back into the workshop. First off the rank, a dinning table for home.  I opted for a plain Tassie Blackwood... Continue Reading →

Krevnov Cabinet – Video 7

This is video 7  on how I went about producing this Krevnov Style Cabinet. It is based on the article in the Fine woodworking magazine - issue 208. I did some slight modifications to the featured cabinet in the issue -   like replacing the glass on the doors with Birds Eye Huon Pine Panels... Continue Reading →

Zebrano Roman Harvest

Found myself a piece of Zebrano in the workshop a few days ago.  Sat on it for a while and decided it'll be used for my next Roman Harvest rollerball. It's always important to line up the grain so it all looks like it flows. I always make it look as if I've taken a... Continue Reading →

Tasmanian Blackwood Box Set

Tassie Blackwood is definitely one of my favourite timbers. The grain in each piece I pick up is always a winner. Here is one of my latest box sets; featuring a Baron II and letter opener, all made of Tasmania Blackwood. Hope you like the look.

Krevnov Cabinet – Video 2

Here is the second video from my series of How-to videos to take you through the process of making a Krevnov cabinet. Hope you enjoy. As always, I’m happy to take any questions you may have. Here is the second video….

Krevnov Cabinet – Video 1

You may have seen some pictures previously on my blog, forums or on Facebook. Here is the finished product. I was really taken by the Krevnov design and always wanted to make one but just never got to it. After reading up on Krevnov, I decided it was now or never. I've compiled a series... Continue Reading →

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