Pen Turner’s Organiser

I've had a few customers come through and complain they are always losing their bushings.  With so many pen kit options - I don't blame them one bit! See I was once also losing my bushings and tubes here and there. I was looking around and saw a great idea.  A Plastic Organiser or what... Continue Reading →

Pen Mandrel Saver

In most cases, when you over tighten the nut on the mandrel or over tighten the tailstock you put so much pressure that you end up bending the mandrel rod.  The result? You end up with oval barrels rather than round barrels. The solution - simply remove the live center tail stock and replace it... Continue Reading →

Drill Bit Selection

Hi Folks – this is a short video on drill bit selection. I get questions usually in the form of complaints quite often regarding the drill bit selection. Here is the large diameter SN Gent tube – as you can see the caliper clearly shows a 14.4mm diameter tube. In the drill press we have a... Continue Reading →

PNG Rosewood

As you're well aware, I love my box and pen making.  I love working with any kind of timber.  I must say, the aroma from the PNG Rosewood is exceptional. Here is one of my latest kits.  

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