Roman Harvest

The classic Roman Harvest in Silky Oak (Southern). I applied 20 coats of Thin CA for the gloss finish. Here is the video if you'd like to try it out.

Drill Bit Selection

Hi Folks – this is a short video on drill bit selection. I get questions usually in the form of complaints quite often regarding the drill bit selection. Here is the large diameter SN Gent tube – as you can see the caliper clearly shows a 14.4mm diameter tube. In the drill press we have a... Continue Reading →

PNG Rosewood

As you're well aware, I love my box and pen making.  I love working with any kind of timber.  I must say, the aroma from the PNG Rosewood is exceptional. Here is one of my latest kits.  

Spalted Myrtle Sedona

We recently got in some Spalted Myrtle. I think the best way to describe it is pretty much being a "diamond in the rough".  I love the figures and the deep details embedded in the timber.  Some are against spalted timbers but I sure am a fan. What do you think of my Sedona?  ... Continue Reading →

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