Tormek T4

Tormek T4 Grinder If you’ve invested in good quality tools, you’ll know how important it is to keep them really sharp. The newest Tormek T4 Model can be configured to sharpen and hone virtually any edged tool with ease and unbeatable precision. It’s not just a machine for professionals, it’s for anyone who is serious... Continue Reading →

Box sides are glued up

I have got the box sides machines up. The mitre joints are cut and glued together. I decided to use the Bessey clamp - VAS-23 to clamp the box sides which made life so much easier. I think every workshop should have a couple of these. The Birds Eye Huon Pine lid came out of... Continue Reading →

Back in the workshop

Back in Sydney after a week away in the sun. While away I have recharged the batteries and am now super keen to make something in the workshop. Got the wood out and am now doing night shifts in the workshop. Night shift is great for me because I done get disturbed. First project, a... Continue Reading →

Spaulted sassafras pen blanks.

Trying to make some more room in the warehouse so I can fit in some more stock. Cutting up slabs is spaulted sassafras and huon pine. There is about 2 to 3 thousand pen blanks here. I love cutting up spaulted sassafras because of the smell. DavidxLim

Do I cut my own pen blanks?

We sell lots of pen blanks to pen makers. I often get asked by customers, do I cut the blanks I sell. We get some cut by specialist cutters who chase particular species of timber, like burls from the semi arid regions of Australia. I also cut lots of blanks myself, especially the Tasmanian and... Continue Reading →

How I Make Pens – Summary

Watch how I make a Baron II Pen. Click on the links below step by step instructions. The importance of grain matching your hand made pens. Step 1 . Pen blanks - preparing them for the drill press. Step 2 . How I drill out my blanks to produce better grain matched pens. Step 3 .... Continue Reading →

Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks

I have finished the video on how to make the Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks. I had to break it down to 3 videos because is goes over 27mins and youtube will only take up to 10mins. I don't know how other videos on youtube has videos that run for hours, my account will only allow... Continue Reading →

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