The document box now has a suede insert. 

Ok. I got the box lines with spray on suede. I love the finish. For those that was asking about the depth of the tray, I have lifted the bottles out to show you why they are so deep. Anyone want me to make a video on how the suede was applied? DavidxLim.  

Document box almost complete

For box makers, a good set of routers is so valuable. My Trition Tools TRA001 router has proven itself invaluable again. It is a tool that keeps on giving. Woodworking is such a joy when you have the right tools. This is what I have been working on the last few weeks. It is a... Continue Reading →

WIP workbench. 

Since the weekend I have been spending time making myself a new work bench. Using all traditional joints including mortise and tendon joints. Made out of macrocarpa pine. Stand is all made and glued together. Now I am working on the bench top which will include an quick release Irwin vice and a woodcraft tail... Continue Reading →

My 13 year old TRA001 Triton Router

I am finally replacing my TRA001 Triton router with a new one. Motor and speed controller still works fine but the rack and pin on the height winder is in poor condition after 13 years of continuous usage. I think that is pretty good value for money which works out to less than $25/year for... Continue Reading →

600mm disc sander

I'm making a large disk sander to flatten the base of a large document box. I didn't have an outboard turning attachment for the tool rest so I came up with the idea of using the walkie stacker as a tool rest instead. It is 600mm in diameter made of 35mm chipboard and is mounted... Continue Reading →

Chisel Plane we made at Timberbits.

Today I had a session in David Lim's workshop out at Yennora. He has some very nice wood working equipment. David was very generous with his time, equipment and materials as well as showing me how to use his equipment. With his help I was able to get a product with a quality I did... Continue Reading →

Workshop time before dawn. 

Got up before dawn today and couldn't get back to sleep. Rather than tossing and turning in bed I headed down to my workshop, the place I love best. Started the day by making some shavings. Love it when shaving come off the piece like this. My 40 year old Stanley chisel and Stanley block... Continue Reading →

Tormek T4

Tormek T4 Grinder If you’ve invested in good quality tools, you’ll know how important it is to keep them really sharp. The newest Tormek T4 Model can be configured to sharpen and hone virtually any edged tool with ease and unbeatable precision. It’s not just a machine for professionals, it’s for anyone who is serious... Continue Reading →

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