New Camo Pen blanks coming.

By popular demand, were bringing in some Camo pen blanks. This is a Baron pen kit with the new chip Camo pen blanks. We will be selling them for only $2.50 / blank. Size will be 20mm x 20mm x 125mm. These blanks are made in Taiwan rather than Main Land China. They are very... Continue Reading →

Bird’s Eye Huon Desk Set

Huon Pine is a special and rare timber. It's even more special and rare when the timber features the bird's eye grain. You get the birds eye grain in the timber around the burly sections of the tree. The burl looks like a cancerous growth on sections and sometimes complete lengths of the trunk. This... Continue Reading →

New Dagger Style Letter Openers

Were introducing the dagger style letter openers into our growing range of pen kits and woodturning projects kits. Letter openers are a great way to match an additional item to that special hand made writing instrument. They particularly go well with lidded pens that are designed for the table. This kit has an additional piece... Continue Reading →

leopard spot Jarrah pen blanks

Going through a large rack of Jarrah boards, I found a short length of Jarrah full of leopard spots. I like making boxes out of Jarrah because its beautiful to work and I enjoy the fragrance of Jarrah when its machined. I also like to use the Baron Pen Kits with these boxes that I... Continue Reading →

Burl Euclaypt Elegant Beauty

When I first started making pens I was always frustrated by the fact that we didn't have any pen kits specially designed for the Australian market. Putting Australian timbers on the pen kits was always a selling point for the pens that was sold at the timber galleries. Yes they were hand turned on a... Continue Reading →

Tasmanian Myrtle Gentlemen’s Pen

What a fantastic pen this kit turned out to be. The pen blank is Burl Tasmanian Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii).  I didn't think much of the blank but decided to make it because there was a defect in the blank which meant that I didn't want to sell it. As I approached the final cuts with... Continue Reading →

Yellow Box Gold Titanium 7mm Streamline

Were the first in Australia to introduce the 7mm streamline pen kits in Titanium gold. Titanium gold is a durable, long lasting gold coloured plating that will outlast the standard 24ct gold or 10ct gold platings. Widely used in the upmarket brand name pens that sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, you can... Continue Reading →

Burl Brown Mallee Majestic

Burl Brown Mallee Majestic Rollerball. This desert timber is hard and dense, beautiful to turn with a nice pleasant Australian outback smell. After sanding it to 1,200 grit the timber takes on a really nice glow. This timber is magical - the grain and birds eye pattern really makes it something special. The Majestic pen... Continue Reading →

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