QLD Walnut Box Set

Been cracking in the workshop again. This is a QLD Walnut box set. I got the slab of Walnut from Mal at Boutique Timbers over a year ago. I ripped it up and air dried it for over a year. Here is the result. QLD Walnut box with African Wenge Handle. The pens are burl... Continue Reading →

NEW SR Gent Pen Kits

We have introduced the SN (Senior) Gent Kits into our range. With the popularity of the JR Gent pen kits, we have been asked by numerous pen turners to design a pen that looks similar to the JR Gents but more suited for the larger stronger men who generally has much larger hands. These pen... Continue Reading →

Blingless Harvest

Was experimenting making a Manly Sea Eagles (the team everyone loves to hate) pen for weekend. This is a Roman Harvest without all the engravings. I substituted the engraved bits with resin to attempt to make a maroon and white pen. The acrylic turned out more pink than maroon, but I was still pretty happy... Continue Reading →

Tiger Myrtle Desk Set

It's been a while since I have had a decent amount of time in the workshop. I have really been snowed under with work for the last 4 months working on a new website. Those who have been through this process know how long everything takes, taking photos, making pens etc. It all seems to... Continue Reading →

Cambridge Hybrid Now in Stock

We have just uploaded the Cambridge Hybrids pen kits onto the website. They are competitively priced starting at Just $20/kit ($25/kit if you buy them individually). Were probably cheaper than any other pen kit seller in the world. Plating of the pen is Gold Titanium with Rhodium highlights. Available in Fountain pen and Rollerball versions.... Continue Reading →

New Camo Pen blanks coming.

By popular demand, were bringing in some Camo pen blanks. This is a Baron pen kit with the new chip Camo pen blanks. We will be selling them for only $2.50 / blank. Size will be 20mm x 20mm x 125mm. These blanks are made in Taiwan rather than Main Land China. They are very... Continue Reading →

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