Wedding Set for a Friend

A friend of mine is getting married! This is a pair of SN Gent kits in Red Mallee Burl that is heading his way. Hope he likes it and uses it for the Marriage Certificate. Finish is 20 Thin Coates of CA. Micro mesh as the buff, then brasso and automotive wax to protect the... Continue Reading →

Zebrano Roman Harvest

Found myself a piece of Zebrano in the workshop a few days ago.  Sat on it for a while and decided it'll be used for my next Roman Harvest rollerball. It's always important to line up the grain so it all looks like it flows. I always make it look as if I've taken a... Continue Reading →

Tasmanian Blackwood Box Set

Tassie Blackwood is definitely one of my favourite timbers. The grain in each piece I pick up is always a winner. Here is one of my latest box sets; featuring a Baron II and letter opener, all made of Tasmania Blackwood. Hope you like the look.

Roman Harvest

The classic Roman Harvest in Silky Oak (Southern). I applied 20 coats of Thin CA for the gloss finish. Here is the video if you'd like to try it out.

Mark 2

I'm excited about our newest addition to our Pen Kit family, the Mark 2. Just recently we got in the long awaited Bolt Action Pen Kits.  A clear favourite for pen makers alike, not only for their gun enthusiast friends or customers but everyone who sets their eyes on them.  I agree, the Bolt Action... Continue Reading →

PNG Rosewood

As you're well aware, I love my box and pen making.  I love working with any kind of timber.  I must say, the aroma from the PNG Rosewood is exceptional. Here is one of my latest kits.  

Spalted Myrtle Sedona

We recently got in some Spalted Myrtle. I think the best way to describe it is pretty much being a "diamond in the rough".  I love the figures and the deep details embedded in the timber.  Some are against spalted timbers but I sure am a fan. What do you think of my Sedona?  ... Continue Reading →

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