Tasmanian Blackwood Box Set

Tassie Blackwood is definitely one of my favourite timbers. The grain in each piece I pick up is always a winner. Here is one of my latest box sets; featuring a Baron II and letter opener, all made of Tasmania Blackwood. Hope you like the look.

Hand Made Pen Case Video 8

In this video we sand back the veneer keys. You can carve or chisel back the veneer keys, but you have to be very careful not to chip back the veneer. I find sanding the easiest and quickest way to bring it back to flush. Then we start on the lid. I use a router... Continue Reading →

Hand Made Pen Case Video 7

Finally had some time in the workshop to make the next video for the Hand made pen cases. This video is about how I cut the veneer keys into the box. This adds strength to the miter joints and adds a visual highlight to the design. This is a nice simple quick way compared to... Continue Reading →

Hand made pen cases. Video 2

1st step in making the box is selecting the timber and marking the timber for the box sides. Select a piece of timber 35mm x 22mm x 270mm long. This piece is enough timber for the box side. Earlier I spoke about the importance of grain matching the box sides, this is the same when... Continue Reading →

Hand made pen cases.

In this next series of videos that I will be putting together, is for these pen boxes that I make. I make a fair few of them, about 50 to 100 at a time. They are very popular in the galleries, they have also been featured in the front page of the Australian Wood Review.... Continue Reading →

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