How I Make Pens – Summary

Watch how I make a Baron II Pen. Click on the links below step by step instructions. The importance of grain matching your hand made pens. Step 1 . Pen blanks - preparing them for the drill press. Step 2 . How I drill out my blanks to produce better grain matched pens. Step 3 .... Continue Reading →

Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks

I have finished the video on how to make the Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks. I had to break it down to 3 videos because is goes over 27mins and youtube will only take up to 10mins. I don't know how other videos on youtube has videos that run for hours, my account will only allow... Continue Reading →

How I assemble my pens

The final step of making a pen is the assembly process. Most people simply press the parts together and leave it at that. I prefer to use a bit of 2 part epoxy to hold the pieces together. All the commercial high end pens are held together this way and we should be no different.... Continue Reading →

Sanding the Blanks

After turning the blanks down to 0.5mm more than the finished diameter, I start the sanding process. I like pens with straight barrels because I find them more classy, but more importantly over the years, I find that they sell faster than other variants with fatter grips or big curves. I start the sanding process... Continue Reading →

rough turning a pen

Once I have squared up the cheeks on the disc sander, to clean out the inside of the blank is quite easy. I use a sharp pointed tool and press on where the CA meets the brass tube. A bit of pressure will separate the two. Using a disk sander to square the cheeks of... Continue Reading →

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