We are an Australian based company.

D.A. Design Group Pty Ltd – ACN 103 896 297, ABN 44 103 896 297
D.A. Design Group Pty Ltd – trading as Timberbits

I a one man operation with a wife who helps it run smoothly. I am based at a residential address so we are unable to service walk in traffic. This means that I have much lower overheads and as a result I can pass these savings onto you as the customer.

We are located in the South Western suburbs of Sydney. Sydney time is hours +10GMT. I am often away from the office, out fishing or in the workshop (the place I love the most) and therefore it may be difficult to reach me by phone.

I too am a pen turner. I have converted this hobby into a passion. I currently make pens and timber items for woodworking galleries, jewellers and special corporate orders.

I have turned thousands of pens and continue to do so. This business started accidentally. As a pen maker, I was sick of the lack of choice we had available to pen turners in Australia. I started importing pen kits, first from the USA for myself, but as the volume increased, directly from China and Taiwan.

This issue we faced in Australia has been slowly changing. We now have, through healthy competition between pen kit sellers, a larger variety of pen kits available in Australia.

Being a maker for the galleries and tourist centres, I designed and had the factories manufactured the Australiana series kits. We are still the sole importers of Australiana series Executive Sierras, Streamlines and Elegant Beauties.

As a serious pen maker, I understand the importance of quality, longevity of hand made pieces and hard wearing – long lasting platings. We are proud to offer kits made in Taiwan plated in Gold Titanium, Rhodium and Platinum – the best plating you can get in pen kits. All the pens featured on this website, I have made.

I also understand the other side of pen making. The person who does it for fun, the beginners who like to work with a budget, the retiree who has to live within his means but loves making pens. I make hundreds of slimline for fund raising events and inexpensive gifts. Price is important – get the bet bang for your buck. I am not a pen kit seller who thumb their noses at cheap made in China kits. I believe they too have a place in the market place.

As you can probably sense, I am passionate about pen turning. I hope some of this passion rubs off on you and you create wonderful hand made pens that you can share with the world.