Do I cut my own pen blanks?

We sell lots of pen blanks to pen makers. I often get asked by customers, do I cut the blanks I sell. We get some cut by specialist cutters who chase particular species of timber, like burls from the semi arid regions of Australia. I also cut lots of blanks myself, especially the Tasmanian and... Continue Reading →

How I Make Pens – Summary

Watch how I make a Baron II Pen. Click on the links below step by step instructions. The importance of grain matching your hand made pens. Step 1 . Pen blanks - preparing them for the drill press. Step 2 . How I drill out my blanks to produce better grain matched pens. Step 3 .... Continue Reading →

Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks

I have finished the video on how to make the Stretcher Bond Pen Blanks. I had to break it down to 3 videos because is goes over 27mins and youtube will only take up to 10mins. I don't know how other videos on youtube has videos that run for hours, my account will only allow... Continue Reading →

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