10 x Cigar Pens

Like I said earlier, I need to make 10 Cigars to go to a high end wood gallery. Now here they are. Timber on the pens are (top to bottom) Huon, Huon, Tiger Myrtle, Burl Red Mallee, Burl Red Mallee, Burl Myrtle, Burl Eucalypt, Spaulted Myrtle, Fiddleback Blackwood and finally Beefwood. I love the way... Continue Reading →

Chiyogami Paper castings

Was a wet weekend last weekend, so the Cricket was cancelled. Stayed home and had fun doing some casting. Raced to the art shop to get some Chiyogami Paper and to Bunnings to get some Clear Casting Resin. Had lots of fun experimenting with the whole process, nearly as much fun as making the pen.... Continue Reading →

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