Fancy a read?

I don't know about you but from time to time I grab a good book and have a solid read. At Timberbits, we're constantly ordering new books across all Woodworking topics.  Our library now has over 100 books across the topics of Woodworking Fundamentals, Scroll Saws, Box Making, Furniture Making, Finishing and more... Our newest... Continue Reading →

Pen Turner’s Organiser

I've had a few customers come through and complain they are always losing their bushings.  With so many pen kit options - I don't blame them one bit! See I was once also losing my bushings and tubes here and there. I was looking around and saw a great idea.  A Plastic Organiser or what... Continue Reading →

Forest Oak Box Kit

Here is one of my most recent box kits made of Forest Oak. Pen featured is the Baron II Rollerball. It's simple to turn and boy do the colours come through from the grain. What do you think?

Krevnov Cabinet – Video 8

This is video 8 on how I went about producing this Krevnov Style Cabinet. It is based on the article in the Fine woodworking magazine - issue 208. I did some slight modifications to the featured cabinet in the issue - like replacing the glass on the doors with Birds Eye Huon Pine Panels. So... Continue Reading →

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