Sawdust Cake

Cleaning up the workshop because I was starting to drown in sawdust. I pushed the dustpan into the saw dust to put it into the bin...... What came out looked like a slice of cake!

Zebrano Desk Pen Set

This is the Zebrano Desk Pen Set and Letter Opener. I don't think this one is as nice as the X-Cut Zebrano set. As always, sand to 600grit, 20 thin coats of CA. Micromesh all the way then hit it with Brasso, corn flour paste and Automotive wax. The pen kits that I use was... Continue Reading →


It's been so long since I have sat in front of a drawing board at Architecture School at the University of NSW. My woodworking designs and workmanship is heavily influenced by the wonderful Architects and Builders that we studied. I worked with Adam at Pacific Architecture. His now doing wonderful things out on his own.... Continue Reading →

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