Hand Made Pen Case Video 7

Finally had some time in the workshop to make the next video for the Hand made pen cases. This video is about how I cut the veneer keys into the box. This adds strength to the miter joints and adds a visual highlight to the design. This is a nice simple quick way compared to... Continue Reading →

Burl Eucalypt Roman Harvest.

Getting back into the swing again in the workshop. Lots more pens to make so I'm going to be a busy boy these next few weeks. This is a Burl Eucalypt Roman Harvest. 20 thin Coats of CA, micromesh all the way to the finest grit then Brasso and Automotive wax. Any comments or suggestions... Continue Reading →

New Pristina Pen Kits

Were getting in some new pen kits in about 2 weeks time. They are called the Pristina pen kits. Made in Taiwan to high specifications. Not ask bulky as the Statesman, little bit longer but a bit slimmer than the Roman Harvest. It's a quality pen kit without the enormous price tag of a Statesman... Continue Reading →

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