Hand Made Pen Case Video 6

In this video we glue the box together using a piece of rope and 8 blocks. I use Titebond to glue the box together. I like using this glue and have been using this glue for box making since it was introduced to me a few years ago. After we have glued the box together... Continue Reading →

NEW SR Gent Pen Kits

We have introduced the SN (Senior) Gent Kits into our range. With the popularity of the JR Gent pen kits, we have been asked by numerous pen turners to design a pen that looks similar to the JR Gents but more suited for the larger stronger men who generally has much larger hands. These pen... Continue Reading →

Birds Eye Huon Pine Veneer

After cutting up the Huon pine logs into veneer flitches, we sent them down to veneer slices at Britton Brothers in Smithton. After soaking in the vat for a few weeks to get the fibers nice and soft, they were put through the veneer slicer. We have finally got some back from the veneer plant.... Continue Reading →

Blingless Harvest

Was experimenting making a Manly Sea Eagles (the team everyone loves to hate) pen for weekend. This is a Roman Harvest without all the engravings. I substituted the engraved bits with resin to attempt to make a maroon and white pen. The acrylic turned out more pink than maroon, but I was still pretty happy... Continue Reading →

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