New alternative accelerator for 20 coats of thin CA

As you may be aware that I have discontinued the Mitrefix product.

Part of the reason why I discontinued the product was because I have found a good substitute for the accelerator.

I have experimented with about 8 different cans and have found Glen 20 to be the best. You can get Glen 20 at your local supermarket for under $5 and the bottle is twice the size. That’s quarter the price and double the size.

It seems to leaves a slight dusting of white on the surface but that is removed during the polishing process.

I have made about 10 pens this way now and it seems to produce just a good a finish as what you get with the Mitrefix accelerator.

Hope you like the videos. Let me know what you think of the video and the process.

Thanks for watching.


3 thoughts on “New alternative accelerator for 20 coats of thin CA

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  1. Thanks David I’ll give it a try. Really like your web site and the blog. Hope to make an order for some of your jr gentleman kits soon. Great price!

    Thanks again RC


  2. Hi David…
    Thanks for the update on using Glen 20 as an accelerator. It was hard to find in Adelaide and all the other states would not post the accelerator due to dangers.
    Glen 20 is now on my shopping list.

    Many thanks



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