Hand made pen cases. Video 5

In this video we cut the miter joins on a miter jig.

I use my a miter jig that I have made myself.

With batch cutting, you can do multiple cuts without even measuring the items.

As you can see in the video, its very quick and simple.

Number and marking your box sides now come in again so that the grain patterns runs nicely around the box.

I also cover how to make the box bases in this video.

Box bases are easy to make and easy machined. Again I use jigs to quickly make the bases and cut them to size.

2 thoughts on “Hand made pen cases. Video 5

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  1. Hello, I am interested in making pen boxes and am wondering which blade you use on the miter saw; number of teeth, is it a thin blade? Does it help with getting a better edge on the miters or would a band saw do just as good; I have both. Thanks.


    1. Hi John

      Thanks for watching the Video. I use a 60 tooth Dewalt cross cut blade. The more the teeth the cleaner the cut. It is not a thin blade, the curf of the cut is 3.2mm.

      You can try a band saw but I your going to struggle with the finish of the cut. It would be very difficult to get good clean miters on a band saw.

      Let us know how you go.



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