EU Made pen blanks

We have just introduced a small range of EU made pen blanks.

We started with the animal skin blanks. I ended up importing about 25 different types. These blanks are a good contrast to the acrylic I currently sell. The vivid colors and striking patterns in the pen blanks is a good complement to our range.

I need to make them into pens so I can post the photos of them so you will know what they will turn out like. I always find it helpful when I get to see some pens made from the blanks.

Workshop time for me has been quite limited because things has been crazy around here.

I have just purchased a factory bay where I will move my business into. This has carved a great amount of time out of my work day and the continious travelling that I have to do isn’t helping the situtation.

In the last couple of months I have been to Tasmania 3 times, been over to Hong Kong, Mainland China and Vietnam.

I will post some photo of my trip to Vietnam – boy what an eye opener.

One thought on “EU Made pen blanks

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  1. I have just ordered some tonight from you….I’m very excited and have customer orders already for the cheeta. I will let you know how they turn out.


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