Cutting Birds Eye Huon Pine Veneer Flitches.

We started to slowly peel back the layers 23mm at a time and flipping the log around once each side was ready.

Cutting the boards back produced some really highly figured boards beautiful for boxes and cabinet doors – not to mention the most amazing pen blanks that you will be able to buy.

I was really impressed with the log. Birds eye figure was appearing in places that we were not expecting. The figure was appearing on the top half of the log which was a great surprise.

As you can see on the top photo, its knock you socks off timber. I have not seen stuff like this before.

The photo below will be cut into veneer flitch that we will be send to the veneer slicing plant. The Veneer plant can only cut 10″ (250mm wide) so we have to break the flitch down further which is such a pity.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Birds Eye Huon Pine Veneer Flitches.

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  1. Hello David, That is a fantastic looking piece of timber. I am liking this new direction you are taking. I Look forward to seeing some of the timber made into fine looking boxes and furniture. Cheers Gerry


  2. Hi Gerry

    They look great don’t they.

    Was just over in Tasmanina last week and went down to Strahan to look for some more Huon Pine.

    Can’t believe the amount of stuff they have down there.

    Will post some photos soon.




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