Hand made pen cases.

In this next series of videos that I will be putting together, is for these pen boxes that I make. I make a fair few of them, about 50 to 100 at a time. They are very popular in the galleries, they have also been featured in the front page of the Australian Wood Review.

Before I start on how to make the box, lets talk about the box.

They are easy to make and only require less than half a super foot of timber. They are designed to hold a letter opener and a pen however you can change the design to hold two pens, one single pen or leave it blank to be just a nice simple box.

The boxes look oriental in design because of the handle that I use. My designs are heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, especially his later works. I studied a lot of his works during Architecture School at university.  His works as well as mine, looks at traditional Japanese and Chinese architecture.

Before we get into the cutting of the pieces, we have to look at how grain pattern is a strong emphasis on boxes. Its important to get your box sides to match. Book matching your pieces will bring a hand made element to your work. I always try to get the grain on the boxes to match. I can’t emphasise it enough. A few seconds in time during preparation will produce dividends later in the process.

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