Final preparations before assembling the pens

After you have buffed the CA finish, it’s time to take the blanks off the mandrel. The coat of CA also covers the bushes as well and if we try to snap off the blanks, we run the risk of snapping off the CA finish over the pen blank.

To reduce this risk, I use a carving knife to score the CA about 1mm – 2mm from the blank over the bushings. This will blunt the knife over time but the knife can be resharpen quite easily.

Once I have taken the blanks off the mandrel, I use a piece of 240 grit sandpaper to again clean the barrel edges. Don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning the cheeks because you don’t want to chip the blank now.

We earlier used a felt marker to mark the inside of the barrel so we can then realign the blanks to match the grains. Once this is done, were ready for assembly.

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