Final buff before the assembly process.

After applying the 20 thin coats of CA. I use the micromesh buffing pads to get the satin finish to bright high gloss finish.

The Micromesh pads is a great system for the final buff. These pads last a long time, I get over 50 pens for each set of pads.

I generally spend a bit more time on the 1st pad – the brown pad. This way it takes all the high spots off and smoothes all surfaces.

I use the it as a wet buff. You can see the white paste gathering on the pad, that the slurry from the CA finish.

Because I am wet sanding, after each day’s turning, I give the lathe a good clean down and seal with WD40. It just keeps the rust off the lathe and any other machinery which accidental get wet.

As a final buff after the Micromesh, I use Brass for a final cut. Then a coat of automotive wax for a final layer of protection. The wax also helps with giving a much higher level of gloss on the pen. I use a pincer action to put pressure on the towel to generate a bit of heat which will make the wax go hard.

You can purchase the micromesh pads on the following link – Micromesh pads

Next step – assembly.

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