Bird’s Eye Huon Desk Set

Huon Pine is a special and rare timber. It’s even more special and rare when the timber features the bird’s eye grain. You get the birds eye grain in the timber around the burly sections of the tree.

The burl looks like a cancerous growth on sections and sometimes complete lengths of the trunk. This ugly growth on the tree produces magical grain patterns. It is now extremely difficult to get bird’s eye Huon Pine. I managed to score some large pieces around 3 years ago in the form of a large log.

I use the larger sections on the quarter to make pen box lids and the smaller sections are perfect for pens and small craft items.

This is another box set going out to a gallery. It was a special request for a set made of birds eye Huon Pine. This will be a gift for a person who is a collector of Huon furniture and pieces.

The letter opener and pen was turned down and sanded to 400 grit sandpaper. 20 thin coats of CA was applied as a finish. It was then buffed down to 12,000 grit micromesh before a final buff of Brasso was applied and protected with Automotive wax.

After I finished this set, I was so pleased with it that I wanted to keep it for my on collection. However – financial need is more important than sentimental needs.

Baron Fountain Pen Kits Letter Opener Dagger

One thought on “Bird’s Eye Huon Desk Set

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  1. G Day David
    What a great looking writing set. Huon pine is a very attractive timber and even more so when it has some figure and Birds eye.
    I like the look of the dagger stlye letter openers.

    Cheers Gerry


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