The importance of grain matched pens

I know I yap on a bit about how important it is about matching the grain on your hand made pens.

Above is a photo of a Red Cedar pencil kit. It is of the one pen with the grain lined up in two different positions.

The bottom picture is of what a grained matched pen should look like. The grain of the timber flows as if you took a piece of timber and magically turned it into a pen.

The top picture is the same pen with the barrels twisted 90 degrees.  You can see that the barrels, even though the same colour does not look like they come from the one piece of timber.

I can’t stress enough the importance of grain matching your pens. It only take a few seconds during the blank preparation process and a few simple step to repetitively get the grains to match. I always get complimented by the gallery owners and jewellers on how the grain match up. It shows to your customers that the pen has been well made and that you have thought through the pen making process.

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