Bird’s Eye Huon Desk Set

Huon Pine is a special and rare timber. It's even more special and rare when the timber features the bird's eye grain. You get the birds eye grain in the timber around the burly sections of the tree. The burl looks like a cancerous growth on sections and sometimes complete lengths of the trunk. This... Continue Reading →

New Dagger Style Letter Openers

Were introducing the dagger style letter openers into our growing range of pen kits and woodturning projects kits. Letter openers are a great way to match an additional item to that special hand made writing instrument. They particularly go well with lidded pens that are designed for the table. This kit has an additional piece... Continue Reading →

rough turning a pen

Once I have squared up the cheeks on the disc sander, to clean out the inside of the blank is quite easy. I use a sharp pointed tool and press on where the CA meets the brass tube. A bit of pressure will separate the two. Using a disk sander to square the cheeks of... Continue Reading →

Back to Wood School

I am back to school this week to learn a bit more about wood carving. I am attending Winter School at the Sturt - School of Wood for a 1 week course on wood carving with Grant Vaughan. It was a very cold start of the week in the Southern Highlands but the carving action... Continue Reading →

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