leopard spot Jarrah pen blanks

Jarra pen blanks

Going through a large rack of Jarrah boards, I found a short length of Jarrah full of leopard spots. I like making boxes out of Jarrah because its beautiful to work and I enjoy the fragrance of Jarrah when its machined.

I also like to use the Baron Pen Kits with these boxes that I make because the box set is used in a desk environment, the Barons are a lidded pen more suited for the desk rather than a pants or shirt pocket. Together with the letter opener they combine to make a great present or desk piece.

These Jarrah pen blanks were easy to turn and hold a high polish. The Leopard spots add an interesting effect on the timber and makes the timber easily confused with Snake wood.

I turned the pen down and sanded up to 400 grit sandpaper. I applied about 25 coats of CA as a finish because I turned the blank down a bit too much. The extra coats of CA built the diameter back to where the pen should be. After the finish was I applied, I sanded back with micro mesh to 12,000 grit before buffing with Brasso and Automotive wax.

This box set is heading out to a gallery today to replace a similar one that was sold over the weekend.

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