Zebrano 7mm Streamline

Straight grain Zebrano in a gun metal 7mm streamline. Straight grain Zebrano is so much more easier to turn than X-cut Zebrano. It just seems like your turning butter rather than the chatter that you normally get with the X-cut. I don't like the smell of Zebrano when your turning it, its like a dog... Continue Reading →

Bee’s Wing PNG Rosewood Baron II

What a magnificent timber this is.  I managed to score a large board that was put aside because it didn't match the straight grained boring boards selected for a commercial fit-out.  It was "too busy" as quoted by the carpenter.  I quickly snapped it up because I knew it was going to make a good... Continue Reading →

X-Cut Zebrano Baron II Pen Kits

This is a Cross cut Zebrano pen blank and Baron II Chrome pen kits. The cross cut Zebrano is tricky to turn because it has a habit of blowing or chipping out on you if your too aggressive with your turning or if your tools are not razor sharp. When turning the x-cut, I keep... Continue Reading →

New range of 7mm Streamlines Pen Kits

We have just introduced the 7mm Streamlines pen kits into our vast range of pen kits. This pen kit builds on the basic 7mm slimlines. It features a thicker 4 ring centerband and upmarket clip. We are currently running an introductory special on these kits for only $2.20 a kit. Currently available in 4 platings... Continue Reading →

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