Dark Coolabah Baron II

Coolabah Baron II pen kits

Baron II pen kit.

These pen kits are my best sellers, both as pen kits and as finished pens in the galleries.

I selected a dark piece of burl Coolabah. Didn’t look like much of a blank until I started turning it.

There was a big hole in the blank that didn’t show up until it was time to start sanding. I patched the hole with a bit of sawdust and thick CA glue.

The colours started to jump out at me as I started to apply the CA finish.

Coolabah is always a favourite of mine. Hard and easy to turn with a nice smell which always reminds me of my workshop.

Sanded to 400 grit, 20 thin coats of CA. Then sanded to 12,000 MM, brasso and Automotive polish and wax.

Very happy with this pen. All I have to do now is to match a letter opener to it.

As always, thanks for any suggestions or comments.


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  1. Hi David, I am interested in the finish process you use. Like you, I sand to 400g, but then I use EEE (unless the wood is very porous), and polish with Shellawax most of the time. If the wood is porous like radiata, I find that EEE darkens the light coloured radiata (Probably its the graphite ) and the stain is almost impossible to get out. I have used a drop or two of boiled linseed oil and one drop of CA applied very fast and had some success with that.
    I like the concept of a blog site attached to the website, makes it a lot easier to pinch other peoples ideas, and maybe even offer a few suggestions. Not sure if this auto attaches names. so I’ll leave my name in the body of the message for a first try. Russ


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