Vacuum press in action

I normally press my veneers on with clamps. This time round I wasn’t having as much success as I use to so I decided to switch over to using the vacuum press. 

It’s is surprisingly easy to use and simple to get thing where to where they need to go. I have forgotten how easy the process is, so I must do it more often.

Veneering up the MDF door

The cabinet is all done so I am now fixing on the veneer onto the MDF that will be the cabinet doors. 

It’s going to be a frameless door so I can’t use solid timber. Solid timber will warp and distort so it is unsuitable for a frameless door. 

I use a home made spreader to apply the glue. It is made from a scrap aluminum with notches filed in with a file. The notches are about 2mm deep about 2mm apart. 

The veneer is figured Myrtle and looks much better than the original Blackwood door that I made.  

It’s been a long time since my last post. 

Ok I’m back. I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I was side tracked with my store moving premises and have been focusing in on Instagram and Facebook rather than blogging

Well I am back into it so you will see me blogging regularly again. 

I’m at an exciting time in my journey. A new big challenge or destination has presented itself to me and I am going to grab it with both hands and run with it. 

It’s all going to start with the store renovation. That will take a few months so in the mean time I’m going to sneak another furniture project in before the renos start. 

The document box now has a suede insert. 

Ok. I got the box lines with spray on suede. 

I love the finish. 

For those that was asking about the depth of the tray, I have lifted the bottles out to show you why they are so deep. 

Anyone want me to make a video on how the suede was applied?



Document box almost complete

For box makers, a good set of routers is so valuable. My Trition Tools TRA001 router has proven itself invaluable again. It is a tool that keeps on giving. Woodworking is such a joy when you have the right tools. 

This is what I have been working on the last few weeks. 

It is a large box made out of birds eye Huon Pine veneer top and bottom,and solid Huon Pine sides. 
It houses 2 Roman Harvest fountain pens kits and a wax seal kit. 

The box is pretty much complete, all I need to do is line the base of the box with flock to make it pretty. 
I would say about 50% of the box was made on the router table


Workbench top is all finished. 

Finally got the top of the work bench all finished. 

There was a lot of piss farting around to fit the tail vice on properly but was all worth it in the end. 

Last step is to give it all a sand down and oil it with Danish oil. 
I should have it all finished by next weekend. Would have it fished this weekend but I have too many birthday parties to go to this weekend. 


WIP workbench. 

Since the weekend I have been spending time making myself a new work bench. 

Using all traditional joints including mortise and tendon joints. Made out of macrocarpa pine. 

Stand is all made and glued together. Now I am working on the bench top which will include an quick release Irwin vice and a woodcraft tail vice. 

Can’t wait till I finish it.