A Camphor Laurel hall table Part1.

I was ask by my Auntie to make her a natural edge piece for the new house she had just built. With a open brief – there only requirement was to have a natural edge – no mention of table, no mention of draws, width, length, timber – nothing. It only had to include a natural edge.

I asked her where she wanted to place the piece and it was by the front entrance of the house.

So this is my process of making her a piece.


Its starts off with some slabs of Camphor Laurel. I purchased these slabs over 8 years ago and have left to air dry for all these years. I didn’t buy them for this project – I just buy nice pieces of woods to someday make them into something special. I like Camphor Laurel because it cuts like butter and is easy to work, but more importantly I love the natural smell of the wood. Camphor Laurel is a highly prized timber in Japan and China where the tree originates from.


I use my Festool Track saw to break down the slab into manageable bits. The slab thickness is 50mm. I didn’t take the cut in one pass, I clamped down the track down with the clamps and cut the 50mm over 3 passes. I love my track saw and wonder how I ever did without it.

When your using the Festool Track Saw, you really should over hang the track about 200mm on each end of the timber. This track that I am using is too short. It didn’t really bother me this time around because I am just rough cutting the wood into smaller more manageable pieces.



The grain of the Camphor is very very pretty. Lots of blond and red streaks coming through.





Vacuum press in action

I normally press my veneers on with clamps. This time round I wasn’t having as much success as I use to so I decided to switch over to using the vacuum press. 

It’s is surprisingly easy to use and simple to get thing where to where they need to go. I have forgotten how easy the process is, so I must do it more often.

Veneering up the MDF door

The cabinet is all done so I am now fixing on the veneer onto the MDF that will be the cabinet doors. 

It’s going to be a frameless door so I can’t use solid timber. Solid timber will warp and distort so it is unsuitable for a frameless door. 

I use a home made spreader to apply the glue. It is made from a scrap aluminum with notches filed in with a file. The notches are about 2mm deep about 2mm apart. 

The veneer is figured Myrtle and looks much better than the original Blackwood door that I made.  

It’s been a long time since my last post. 

Ok I’m back. I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I was side tracked with my store moving premises and have been focusing in on Instagram and Facebook rather than blogging

Well I am back into it so you will see me blogging regularly again. 

I’m at an exciting time in my journey. A new big challenge or destination has presented itself to me and I am going to grab it with both hands and run with it. 

It’s all going to start with the store renovation. That will take a few months so in the mean time I’m going to sneak another furniture project in before the renos start. 

The document box now has a suede insert. 

Ok. I got the box lines with spray on suede. 

I love the finish. 

For those that was asking about the depth of the tray, I have lifted the bottles out to show you why they are so deep. 

Anyone want me to make a video on how the suede was applied?



Document box almost complete

For box makers, a good set of routers is so valuable. My Trition Tools TRA001 router has proven itself invaluable again. It is a tool that keeps on giving. Woodworking is such a joy when you have the right tools. 

This is what I have been working on the last few weeks. 

It is a large box made out of birds eye Huon Pine veneer top and bottom,and solid Huon Pine sides. 
It houses 2 Roman Harvest fountain pens kits and a wax seal kit. 

The box is pretty much complete, all I need to do is line the base of the box with flock to make it pretty. 
I would say about 50% of the box was made on the router table


Workbench top is all finished. 

Finally got the top of the work bench all finished. 

There was a lot of piss farting around to fit the tail vice on properly but was all worth it in the end. 

Last step is to give it all a sand down and oil it with Danish oil. 
I should have it all finished by next weekend. Would have it fished this weekend but I have too many birthday parties to go to this weekend.